Transverse-Type Assembly Line

  • Overview

    Transverse-Type wire harness assembly lines save floor space and improve safety by eliminating the wide swing area at the ends of traditional “rotary style” assembly lines.

    Driven by a frequency converter controlled motor, the work boards on each side of the assembly line move in a straight line before reaching the position of transverse linear movement. At this point the work boards at each end of the assembly line move from one side to the other and then continue in a straight line again to complete the cycle.

    The optional double sided harness board allows both sides of the board to be utilized for production. This results in higher production rates and provides the opportunity for two different types of harnesses to be produced on a single assembly line.

    • Work boards transverse at each end of the assembly line, saving floor space
    • The quantity and size of the work board holders are customer specific
    • Both single and double sided work board versions are available
    • A simple user interface allows customers to set the line speed and keep track of the production rate
  • Technical Data

    Work board sides

    1 or 2

    Speed adjustment

    Frequency controlled motor

    Cycle time range

    145-450 s, single inverter;

    60-145 s, double inverters

    Speed range

    Transverse moving speed: 626-2087 mm/min

    Transfer speed: 3029.8 mm/min

    Work board angle


    Work board sizes (L x W)

    2,400 x 900 mm (94.5 x 35.4“)
    3,000 x 900 mm (118.1 x 35.4“)
    3,600 x 900 mm (141.7 x 35.4“)
    4,200 x 900 mm (165.4 x 35.4“)
    (The quantity and size of the work board holders are customer specific)

    CE – conformity

    The Transverse-Type wire harness assembly line fully complies with all CE and EMV equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

  • More Info


    • Display screen with actual production quantity
    • Document hanging system
    • Sliding work holder
    • Workstation lighting
    • Workstation fans