S.oftware for Wire Optimized Production

  • Overview

    S.WOP – S.oftware for Wire Optimized Production

    S.WOP is a software solution that takes over the production planning and monitoring for all wire processing machines in a factory. S.WOP extracts data from the order management system (e.g. ERP) and creates orders that are sent to the individual wire processing machines. The orders are grouped and optimized for maximum efficiency, taking all factors into consideration. This enables clients with various order volumes and small batch sizes to produce more efficiently and to have access to relevant production and machine data.

    Your Benefits

    Administrative work and Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory are reduced by S.WOP. Surpluses are eliminated due to demand driven manufacturing. Raw material and machine capacities are used to their optimum capacities. Barcode scanning eliminates setup errors and tracks each order as it is started and completed, providing transparency on the production floor. S.WOP can be programmed to ensure operators complete quality control tests and measurements according to specified rules and tolerances. Tooling maintenance thresholds are also monitored.

    • Process transparency
    • Low paper production
    • Production monitoring
    • Reduced lead times
    • Increased productivity
  • Technical Data

    System Requirements

    All software from Schleuniger can be easily integrated into the existing IT environment.
    The requirements are in line with normal industrial standards. The technical basis is
    Windows 7 or higher and a TCP/IP network.

  • More Info

    Raw material and machine capacities are fully utilized

    The technical options are specified in detail in the machine administration and this is used to check whether the machine is appropriately configured for a particular order. Both new and existing orders are taken into consideration. If a particular machine breaks down and must be taken offline, orders can be automatically reassigned to alternate machines. The system recognizes downtime through the machine administration.

    Achieving the objective with less effort

    Kanban enables demand-driven manufacturing. This means that inventory levels of semi-finished goods are reduced, ensuring that the required inventory is available at the right time. Kanban orders are generated automatically by the system when booking parts out of stock. The number of these orders is determined automatically from the current inventory level, the weekly requirement and the security stock.

    Transparent Production

    The configuration and capabilities for all wire processing machines connected to S.WOP are specified in the machine administration section of the software. A Gantt Diagram provides a visual display of the production orders, graphically displaying them along a timeline. The tooling administration module logs all tooling usage in a long-term archive and enhances the data with information on equipment use and maintenance schedules. S.WOP records the production process together with the serial and batch numbers of the materials deployed together with the serial numbers of the tools used. Quality assurance measures are directly integrated into the process.