Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer

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    Industry proven, non-contact ink jet printers create durable, easy to read dot matrix characters on most wire and cable jackets. The programmable, non-stop wire inkjet printers automatically mark the most complex engineered harnesses at high speed. All wire lengths, strip lengths, speed and marking text locations are automatically set, cost effectively producing one or a thousand pieces without tooling changeovers.

    • Complete flexibility (vast number of marks on any position on the wire)
    • Wire runs non-stop = high production speeds
    • Efficiently produces both large runs & single pieces
    • Versatile & reliable
    • Easy programming
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    • Nonstop marking – Higher production speeds are possible because the wire is marked as it is moving
    • Non contact marking - No risk of insulation damage   
    • Versatile operation – Different messages, such as “from” and “to” termination identifications  or connection name , can be placed on each end or anywhere along the wire or cable.
    • Production “traceability” – Important production information like time/date coding or serial numbers, can be added to the message string and positioned for easy inspection.
    • Programmability – Message and position information is programmable from Cayman software or the front-panel display of the wire processing machine. Complex wire lists can be stored for instant recall, minimizing setup and changeover time. Efficiently produces both large runs or single pieces.

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