Floor-Type Assembly Line

  • Overview

    Traditional floor-type wire harness assembly lines offer a sturdy and simple design for a wide range of applications. Work boards are placed on the trolleys. Driven by a frequency controlled motor and conveyor chain, the trolleys move along the floor at a set speed. As each trolley reaches the end of the line, it travels in an arc to the other side. Operation continues in this fashion.

    • Wire harness assembly line moves continuously
    • Compact structure for small footprint and easy maintenance
    • Adjustable work board angle
    • The quantity and size of the work board holders are customer specific
  • Technical Data

    Work board sides


    Speed adjustment

    Frequency controlled motor

    Speed range

    555 - 4,560 mm/min

    Work board angle

    55°, 60°, 65°

    Work board sizes (L x W)

    2,400 x 900 mm (94.5 x 35.4“)
    3,000 x 900 mm (118.1 x 35.4“)
    3,600 x 900 mm (141.7 x 35.4“)
    4,200 x 900 mm (165.4 x 35.4“)
    (The quantity and size of the work board holders are customer specific)

    CE – conformity

    The Floor-Type wire harness assembly line fully complies with all CE and EMV equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

  • More Info


    • Display screen with actual production quantity
    • Document hanging system
    • Sliding work holder
    • Workstation lighting
    • Workstation fans