EcoStrip 9380

Welcome to the Future of Entry Level Cut & Strip

  • Overview


    The EcoStrip 9380 is the capable entry level machine for cut & strip applications that need to meet professional standards. The EcoStrip 9380’s economical price point, along with its high level of cut & strip quality, makes it the perfect choice for both newcomers and cut & strip professionals alike. The EcoStrip 9380 cleverly combines the latest technologies with Schleuniger’s industry renowned precision, making it easier than ever to process a wide range of entry level applications.

    Three-in-one feeding unit

    The EcoStrip 9380 offers expanded capabilities. It can be configured with rollers or belt feeding and the configuration can be quickly and easily changed by the operator. The unique 3-position design of the optional belt feeding system further enhances the customer’s capabilities and can be set for normal mode, roller mode or short mode processing – depending upon the application.

    Excellent price-performance Ratio
    In terms of performance, the EcoStrip 9380 exceeds previous models by approximately 20 percent. It has the ability to process two wires in parallel and is also compatible with a full range of pre- and post-processing accessories, which turn the stand-alone machine into a fully automatic processing line. Blades and guides of the original EcoStrip 9300 model can be used with the new EcoStrip 9380.

    Easy to use
    The EcoStrip 9380 is easily operated via the 5.7" color touchscreen and underlying Schleuniger S.ON software. This user interface is now standard across the entire line of Schleuniger cut & strip products. This standardization makes it easier than ever for customers to expand capabilities and transition to new, higher level cut & strip machines without having to learn a new user interface.

    Uncompromisingly precise

    All driven axes of the EcoStrip 9380 are powered by Schleuniger’s proven electronic platform, Bricks. The machine is also equipped with a high resolution blade holder and feeding drive axes as well as precise guide parts, which can be quickly changed without the use of any tools.

  • Material

    • Cable
    • Discrete Wire
    • Duplex Glass Optical Fiber
    • Flat Cable
    • Flat Ribbon Cable
    • Jacketed Flat Cable
    • PUR
    • PVC
    • Rubber
    • Single Wire
    • Solid Wire
    • Stranded Wire
    • Teflon®
    • Tubes + Pipes
    • Wire
    • Wire with Special Isolation

    Processing Capabilities

    • Cutting & Stripping Short Mode
    • Cutting to Length
    • Flat Cable Processing
    • Jacket Stripping
    • Multiple Layer Stripping
    • Multiple Step
    • Single Wire
    • Stripping
    • Stripping of the inner conductor
    • Tubes + Pipes

    Application Range

  • Technical Data

    Technical Data

    Max. cable outer diameter

    8.0 mm (0.31”)

    Max. cable cross section standard

    0.05 – 8 mm2 (10 mm2 EN60228 class 5&6) | 8 AWG

    Blade sets usable

    up to 1 x 12 mm (1 x 0.47”) Wide

    Feeding system

    Rollers or Belts

    Single conductor (1 step)




    Max. wire or cable length

    1,000,000 mm (39,370”)

    Pull off length left side

    46 mm (1.18”)

    Pull off length right side

    152 mm (5.98”)

    Short mode

    up to 46 mm (18 mm measured on remaining insulation length)


    Standard: Ethernet for PC, USB
    Optional: SMI (I/O‘s), Prefeeder, Wire marker (HS),
    Inkjet printing, Stacker / Coiler

    Power Supply

    100 – 240 VAC

    Dimensions (L × W × H)

    435 x 397 x 360 mm (17.1 x 15.6 x 14.2”)


    25 kg (55.1 lbs.)