• 01/11/2018

New CableCoiler 1450 - Single Pan Coiling System

The CableCoiler 1450 is a single pan coiling system that is used to coil wire, cable, or tubing.

CableCoiler 1450

The CableCoiler 1450 features a rotary design with moveable pins to adjust for different coiling diameters. Another unique feature of this design is the easy unloading scheme, using retracting pins and an automatic safety cover lift. The unique design of the coiling system ensures safe operation by performing all of the rotating movements in a downward facing position with a closed and monitored safety shield.

The machine is very versatile and can function in one of two different operating modes:

  • Coil only – for efficient offline coiling of precut materials.
  • Auto coil – as an integrated post processing accessory for use with cut & strip machines.

The CableCoiler 1450 offers programmable parameters, including cable diameter and length, inner/outer diameter of cable coil and configuration parameters such as distance after cutting, speed synchronization adjustment, etc. All programmed parameters can be saved in jobs for easy and fast recall via the user interface or with a barcode scanner. Jobs can also be imported and exported between coilers with a USB stick.

The new CableCoiler 1450 offers fully synchronized, precise wire and cable coiling and is compatible with the latest generations of Schleuniger cut and strip machines.

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