• 05/23/2017

WireCam – The New Option for Quality Assurance with Schleuniger CrimpCenters

WireCam is a new, innovative quality assurance option for the CrimpCenter machine family.


WireCam is a highly innovative quality assurance option for Schleuniger CrimpCenters. The system monitors the stripping results and certain properties of positioned seals. A camera takes a picture of the processed wire end while the wire is in motion, or "on-the-fly." Based on a two-dimensional top view picture, the software inspects each single wire end and compares it with the reference in real time. Therefore, the production quality is increased while maintaining high machine performance.

The complete integration of WireCam in “EASY”, the CrimpCenter’s user interface, ensures simple programming and control. The tolerance settings refer to physical units such as millimeters or inches, thereby making the system understandable and easy to use. In combination with SmartDetect and CFM20, all quality relevant processes of the wire processing can be monitored in real-time.

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