• 05/23/2017

SmartDetect – The New Option for Quality Assurance

SmartDetect is a new, innovative quality monitoring option from the Schleuniger product portfolio.


SmartDetect is a highly innovative quality monitoring option for Schleuniger CrimpCenters. The sensor-controlled system monitors the complete stripping process in real time and detects any contact of the stripping blade with the conductor. This allows for improved production quality without sacrificing performance. Individually adjustable system parameters allow the user to set the perfect combination for optimal detection and minimal scrap. Tolerance settings are simple to understand because they refer to percentages and physical units such as millimeters or inches, making the system very easy to use.

During production, SmartDetect improves the quality of the machine’s output while maintaining optimal production rates. During setup, it gives the operator direct feedback that the stripping parameters are properly set. Handling of the blades and blocks are the same as the standard machine so standard blades and procedures can be used. All connection cables are hidden and fully protected eliminating the chance of damage during normal operation. Finally, the software uses simple units so programming is easy to understand. For customers who demand the highest level of quality assurance, SmartDetect is an excellent addition to your CrimpCenter machine.

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