• 10/26/2016

ShieldCut 8100 – Unrivalled Flexibility for Cable Shield Cutting

Manual work is a thing of the past: Schleuniger‘s ShieldCut 8100 is the first machine that makes semi-automatic cable shield cutting possible.

The ShieldCut 8100 is the latest machine introduction by Schleuniger, the leader in innovative wire processing. This semi-automatic machine precisely cuts the braided shield of round and out-of-round cables. The ShieldCut 8100 is the world’s first semi-automatic cable shield cutting machine. In the past, shield cutting has always been a manual process, leaving room for errors and inconsistencies. The ShieldCut 8100 provides consistent, high-quality results that are free from manual defects. “Anyone looking to cut costs and increase efficiency in this process should switch to our ShieldCut 8100,” Schleuniger’s Head of Marketing, Martin Engel, says. For him, the advantages of this innovation speak for themselves.

One hundred percent flexibility with an ingenious processing concept

The ShieldCut 8100 uses an ingenious processing concept. A rotating brush combs out the braided shield strands. Subsequently, the shield strands are cleanly cut between a rotating blade and a fixed blade. The wires underneath the cable shield are not damaged in any way during the process of cutting the shield strands. The shield cutting quality is very high and very repeatable. Clamping jaws and shield cutting blades are universal; therefore they do not have to be changed for different cable sizes. The ShieldCut 8100 comes with a complete set of cable guides, enabling a wide range of cable diameters to be processed. The cable guides can be easily changed in under a minute.

Repeatable, high-quality results and intuitive operation

The ShieldCut 8100 is equipped with reliable drives and high performance control software.

Contrary to manual shield cutting, high-quality shield cutting results are possible with the ShieldCut 8100 since the results are operator independent.  The machine is equipped with a high-definition color touchscreen. The user interface is clearly arranged and features symbols that are easily understood. In practice, this means that programming the machine can be learned quickly and easily. Helpful wizards support the operator during set-up and with maintenance procedures.

The Schleuniger ShieldCut 8100 is the new standard for cutting the braided shielding of round and out-round cables.